Saturday, June 7, 2008

Cartoon Diary, Day 009

I drew this one this morning, before I went off to work. Frankly, looking at it 14 hours later, I'm no longer sure if it makes sense to anyone who didn't see The Daily Show on Thursday night. Anyway, it was a funny bit, and if you had been watching it with me in my apartment at 1 in the morning, I'm sure you'd agree.

Oh, and to follow up on yesterday's post: I got a paycheck today, so I'm financially solvent again. Yay.

Gratuitous Plug Dept: My improv group, Out of Order, is performing at the CDC Theatre in Cranford tomorrow -- Saturday, June 7th. Tickets $10. Go to for details.


jessica h said...

so i noticed today that in your "about me" section you list all of the things you do. but there is one glaring omission. B&N!!!! how could you John?!?!?!

John Trumbull said...

Very easily.

John Trumbull said...

OK, I just checked my MySpace profile, and Kristen Schaal actually looked at this entry via the link I sent her. She responded, "I love it, Thanks!"

Will anything that happens to me today be cooler than this? Probably not.