Saturday, June 14, 2008

Cartoon Diary, Day 015

Thursday night was improv rehearsal with Out of Order. Since I'm directing the next show, it was up to me to run rehearsal. It started less smoothly than I would have liked. A carpooling mixup made me arrive 20 minutes later than I was planning, one actor called out sick, the temperature inside the theatre was 80 degrees, and the night was half over before we figured out the new air conditioning system. All of this combined to make me feel like a stammering, unprepared idiot.

But I think we turned it around. I think my nerves were more in my head than anything else and I gradually started to find my footing. I raided the refrigerator to get us all water, we worked out some new games for the show, and I think everybody ended up having fun. And everyone was nice enough to stay a little late without complaint, for which I'm very grateful.

So... next week's rehearsal will be even better! Onward and upward!

Out of Order's next show is at the Dover Little Theatre Saturday, June 28th. Tickets $10. Call (973)328-9202 for reservations.


Kym said...

You did a great job, John. I'm looking forward to this week's rehearsal!

John Trumbull said...

Sure -- you don't have to run it!