Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cartoon Diary, Day 016

So after I left the theatre on Thursday night I realized that I no longer had my cell phone on me. Unfortunately, I didn't realize this until after the place was already locked up. So Friday I had to borrow a key to the Dover Little Theatre, drive the 10 miles back there, search the theatre and drive the 10 miles back home. Always fun in this age of $4 gas. Thankfully, it wasn't too tough to find my phone again. I'm glad I was smart about it & just dialed my cell using the phone in the box office. It made things a lot easier.

On the way back home I heard about Tim Russert's death on the radio. Such a shame -- he was one of the good ones. In this age of declining journalistic standards, he struck me as one of the few folks in the media who actually WAS fair & balanced, instead of just saying he was. Rest in Peace, Mr. Russert.

In other news, Friday was the last day of our Employee Appreciation Week at B&N. Here's a look at the swag I got for a 40% discount:

Lost Girls was a good read. I ended up enjoying Melinda Gebbie's art more than I was expecting (her work has not been to my taste in the past). I'm almost through the Improv Comedy book, and I've found it very helpful, particulary as I'm in the midst of directing Out of Order's next show (June 28th at Dover, people!).
As for the rest of the books... well, maybe I'll have time to read them in July.


Dave O'Neill said...

ERT! hahaha

jessica said...

coolness on the 40% off stuff! liked the selection. i got some new sewing books and a chick lit novel. enjoying it all.

oh and i've been reading your blog since it's inception and can't seem to find it written anywhere where and when your next show is!!! ;o) can u help me out?? lol.

John Trumbull said...

GLAD YOU ASKED, Jessica! It's Saturday, June 28th at the Dover Little Theatre. Tickets are a mere $10!