Friday, June 13, 2008

Cartoon Diary, Day 014

This just happened when I realized that the word "Moff" sounds totally stupid unless it's preceded by the word "Grand." At this point, I think George Lucas' primary talent is in thinking up batshit-crazy sounding names.

I am at a loss to explain how my Peter Cushing turned out looking more like Boris Karloff, but I am DAMN proud of the names "Adequate Moff Darko" and "Larry the Moff."

And yeah, I know. I'm behind. I blame it largely on this arriving in the mail on Wednesday:

'Cause when you get a new Alan Moore comic that's all about the sexual adventures of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, Wendy from Peter Pan and Alice from Alice in Wonderland, other things tend to take a backseat for a bit.

Cover price $75, but I picked it up for 40% off. I love B&N employee appreciation week.

New posts coming late tonight!


Dave O'Neill said...

Give me ONE good reason our next show should not be called MOFF LARRY.


Anonymous said...

comic book porn! have you read Bill Willingham (older, pre-Fable) I'm told he's the godfather of comic book porn!

jackie kashian

John Trumbull said...

I've read a bit of Bill Willingham's stuff, Jackie. It was something with a fantasy setting, but I can't remember the name of it right now.

And by the way, is there a better name for a porn creator than Willingham? I think not.