Monday, June 9, 2008

Cartoon Diary, Day 010

This is just one of those weird ideas I get early in the morning when I'm in the process of waking up. It still seemed like a funny idea to me an hour or two later, so here we are.

My favorite thing about this cartoon is Jesus' expression. Darned if the Son of God isn't really proud of his ramshackle treehouse.

Other things I considered having Jesus build: a workbench and a soapbox racer.


Nors said...

Thank you John Trumbull - I just guffawed aloud here at my desk with this one... (yes... guffawed!) Oh my how we do think alike!!! Been one miserable bitch of a day here - an endless meeting where I literally sat ALL DAY and watched people talk (to hear themselves talk) and they resolved near to nothing! Finally released and what do I see? Your bulletin and subsequently your blog!
You have made my day!!!
BTW - Not to worry... when you need to get around in that fiery underworld... you'll be welcomed by a friendly face... I've a bus route with my name on it!!!

John Trumbull said...

My pleasure, Nors. Thanks for the kind words!