Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cartoon Diary, Day 019, Lost Entry 002

Yeah, that's right, I'm naked in today's entry. You got a problem with that?

My back was killing me for the last few days, so I decided to have a nice soak in a hot tub with some epsom salts (God, that makes me sound old. Let me see if I can make up for it... I then got out of the tub, rollerbladed to a rave, did some X, and then played Rock Band until 4AM with a bunch of Suicide Girls. Who I slept with.)

Nope, still sound old. And hideously out of touch. Ah, screw it. Let's see what kind of shape your back is in when you turn 35.

Anyway, taking baths can be kind of a tough proposition when you're over 6' tall. You either have to prop your legs up so your torso can be in the water, or sit up so your legs can get a chance to soak. Either way is less than ideal. Plus, the stopper in my tub is less than 100% effective, so I had a good 15-20 minutes of feeling increasingly more cold on the front side of my body as the water slowly drained away.

It was refreshing, though, and my back felt a lot better when I got out. So I highly recommend a good hot bath to anyone with some aches & pains. Just do it in a 7' tub with a good stopper if you can.

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Nors said...

Hey welcome back... I've truly missed my daily dose of you and your snarkiness(sp?)

Oh sounds like you were in our tub! Only difference... that damn glass encasement I like to think of as the crystal tomb. But alas good news on the horizon... the gorgeous claw foot soaker currently residing in our "carport"! We (wait... that could be misconstrued...not you and I - yikes...I hear the rumor mill grinding already) are just a re-glaze, a very cumbersome haul and a plumber away from "calgon take me away!"